Say Hello to our founder Deanne.  She had a vision that made LulaRoe what it is today. In this short video she explains how she created a multi-million dollar company by making maxi skirts for her daughter!! Deanne is very passionate about family values. She grew this company around the importance of the family unit and by doing this she helps empower women as a by product....... Not only emotionally, but financially as well.


Watch the Life of a Product, see how the clothing is made.  We are becoming a worldwide company with our expanding production warehouses and growing consulant base! Learn how to become a consultant by clicking here.


The LuLaRoe name comes from the founder’s Mark and Deanne Stidhams granddaughters; Lucy, Lola, and Monroe and was founded in May of 2013. With women of all shapes, sizes and ages in mind, Mark and Deanne created a  business model in which their clothing styles are sold by independently by individual consultants throughout the country.

This is achieved by the consultant having multiple pop-up boutiques, private online shopping groups, and other local events.  Consultants around the country are able to order specific items,  but not in any particular  fabrics or prints from LulaRoes headquarters in California.  If you see something you like, don’t hesitate, purchase it before it’s not in the consultants inventory anymore.

The LuLaRoe Clothing line carries many styles such as skirts,dresses, tunics, leggings, tops, you name it!  All items have varying sleeve lengths, skirt/dress lengths, prints and fabrics and there is definitely something for everyone.  What makes the LuLaRoe Clothing line so unique and special is each item is made in very limited quantities, what you see today will not be available tomorrow. LuLaRoe designs their own prints and fabrics  90% of the time which cannot be found elsewhere. The clothing is also designed to be flattering yet comfortable on all body types. 



Initially, all clothing was made in the U.S.A.  However, due to a rapid increase in demand, international fair-wage factories were also incorporated. It is only sold  through independent fashion consultants through in-home pop-up boutiques or closed online shopping groups on Facebook or right here where  a featured consultant maybe.  It is not sold in stores. Its business  model is designed to provide women, including stay-at-home-moms, an opportunity to provide for their families through a rewarding and fulfilling career.  

There is no way and merely impossible to have a catalog with all the different styles and outfits not to mention the ever changing materials.   




What is so unique about LuLaRoe and its culture?

    LuLaRoe only produces 5,000 print patterns which is used across all their styles. You might find specific prints in multiple styles and only in your area!! Thats one feature that make Lularoe unique. (i.e. you might find a print in LulaRoe Maxi Skirt that also comes in a LulaRoe Cassie Skirt.) Each and every LuLaRoe consultant has their own unique inventory that makes them different from any others in your area or the country. One may carry the same print, but just might not carry the same style and, don't look for any Catalogs to order online from. There simply isn't any. That's what makes coming to a pop-up party so much  fun and exciting.  Plus, you just might meet like minds who enjoy relaxing and finding a great outfit for your next night out on the town.   Check out Blogs Page  too to locate  a POP-UP near you to  find the right outfit and help pair it with other pieces to make them unique. There is nothing better than being a happy  about wearing an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and gives you confidence on your next date night or afternoon out. 

If you see a style or print you love and have to have it, grab it quickly, because chances are you may never get another opportunity to see it again. 




LuLaRoe Simply Comfortable Womens Clothing