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Posted by support_82f8 on January 26, 2017

What’s the fuss about Monday? (LulaRoe Julia?)

To be honest, I was a devoted I-don’t-like-Mondays fan. I know – so are you. But, let’s face it – Monday can be a pretty enthusiasm-killer. Especially, if you don’t dress up for the party. (Introducing the LulaRoe Julia Dress)

It all started when I got my first Julia dress from LulaRoe. I remember: my friend called me after work. She sounded like she saw the Prince Charming – she was hysterical, annoyingly enthusiastic about something I didn’t get at first. She repeated „OMG, you gotta see her! She’s stunning! I will never let her go, ever!“ In all that noise, I heard that I need to hurry to some place since she (I later found out it’s Julia dress) will vanish in a second! I wasn’t really in the mood, but I haven’t had any better plans. So I grabbed my purse and went to the address I got over the phone.

When I got there… OMG!  Gals in all forms and sizes rushed all over the place, from one side to the other! It was hilarious and magical, in some strange way. I admit, I was drawn to the event. When I found my girlfriend, she put a Julia dress in my arms and said, „Go there and pay it! Hurry!“ I did as she told me – honestly, I wasn’t even aware of what I’m doing.

I set in front of the place and looked around: it was a really nice and warm family house, with nice front yard and stuff. Really nice neighborhood, too. I opened the bag and pull out the dress. All of the sudden – I forgot about everything I went through that day (oh, I was one of ʻthoseʼ – PMS – days). I looked at the dress – it was very simple in cut and pattern, but at the same time very elegant and sophisticated. At that moment, I said to myself, „Julia and I will kill Mondays!“

I wear my Julia every single Monday. As a matter of fact, I sometimes wear it on Fridays, too! Thanks to Julia, Monday isn’t a real issue to me, anymore. When I dress up for the party – I own it!

How about you – have you met Julia? What’s your style for killing Monday mornings?






Posted by support_82f8 on December 22, 2016

LulaRoe or Deal with all the Madness!

Gals! Are you tired of the Mall Madness yet? I am. Its insane out there. Why not LulaRoe with www.luckyfashionistas.com  You can either fight the parking, fight the crowds, fight the check out lines, fight the other customers over hot ticket items, rinse and repeat or just go online to our Facebook boutique.

Schedule a Pop-Up at your house! (Receive Free Clothes!) or Just go to your website at www.luckyfashionistas.com and do your shopping from the comforts of your own home! I gotta tell yah, the insanity out there is getting worse each year. I love the holidays but the craziness at the mall is enough to drive anyone to drink. Speaking of that, I do have a great Pinot Noir from Rodney Strong (Russian River) which would go very nicely with your turkey for the holidays. Great price point and drinks like a $30 bottle of wine. You cant go wrong. Its a very light wine and not as robust as a Cab. Try it and let me know if you liked it.


As far as the Shopping Malls, Im so glad I am done with all my shopping.. I try to get it done months in advance or right after Thanksgiving. But no Black Fridays anymore. The Internet is a real game changer for the retail stores. I do feel a bit sorry for the local small mom and pop shops so i try to help them out as much as possible. Its tough in this economy to make a go athaving your own business. There is SO MUCH competition out there. I believe that if you have a solid product to sell, the customers will recognize that and want to buy it. Thats why I love LulaRoe and what its stands for. The company is such a great company and they have GREAT products that stand up to any of the competition. The LulaRoe Maxi, the LulaRoe Leggings. etc. They are made so well and for the price point, you cant beat it. So Gals.. Stop the insanity and get back in your cars, and head home, grab a nice glass of Pinot and flip that computer on. Go to our site www.luckyfashionistas.com and let your fingers do the shopping.. Oh, check out our new video below to remind you of the Madness at the Malls! Enjoy! Happy Holidays to you and your Family!!!

Posted by support_82f8 on November 28, 2016

LulaRoe Sale For Cyber Monday 2016 is on!

Cyber Monday is HERE!!! LulaRoe Sale Today ONLY! If you want to get all your shopping done for your favorite women in your life…… check out Lucky Fashionistas!!! Sale Pricing is SO LOW… its cant be publicized . www.luckyfashionistas.com

This is huge price reductions from my lucky fashionistas boutique. Please if you would spread the word to you friends… prices wont be this low after today. Come by and shop ( if near Seminole Fl) or order online!! We Ship ALL OVER the US, EVERYDAY!!! Email us for the List. One Stop Clothing Shop for all the Gals in your life!!!!


Posted by support_82f8 on November 21, 2016

There is a Reason to Get Excited over LulaRoe Clothing!

What’s all the hoopla about? What’s all the awesome excitement? Well, of course it’s Lularoe Clothing and Lucky Fashionistas specials this week and throughout the holiday season! What else could it be!! LulaRoe, forever growing and ever changing, nothing ever stays the same.
Between the wonders of the holiday season and our ever-changing landscape of patterns, prints and materials our lead designer Patrick is changing thing up for the New Year. It’s going to be, as usual, an amazing time to be part of Lularoe.
With all the hustle and bustle going on and all the amazing foods, what else is more perfect than Lularoe comfy yoga style waist bands that flatters all of our figures no matter how much you end up eating. It allows us to look our best while we nibble and drink to our hearts content. New Year’s resolutions will be coming so don’t forget Lularoe Clothing in them. Delicious excitement abounds this week as we embark on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and awesome small business Saturday. We have decided at Lucky Fashionistas to go ahead and start early. So we’re going to have a wonderful week of Black Friday sales in order to help our loyal customers enjoy a happy holiday season trying to get all their gift-giving done.
Click on our new video below. We have been getting a lot of emails regarding  the great customer service at Lucky Fashionistas. So, we decided to tell everyone why our loyal customers are excited! Happy Holidays and don’t eat too much turkey!


Posted by support_82f8 on November 11, 2016

What You Need to Know in Under 2 Minutes about The LulaRoe Sarah

Want to know about the New LulaRoe Sarah Cardigan in under 2 Minutes? Watch our new Promo Video from www.luckyfashionistas.com . Here we will explain the main points regarding the Sarah from LulaRoe. If you have any questions on how to pair it with other pieces from LulaRoe, Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us to help you! We cannot stress enough how much we enjoy working with all our loyal customers! We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you with all your Christmas Shopping this Season! Enjoy the Video!