The LulaRoe Kimono is such an elegant piece. There are two Styles of Kimonos. The Lindsay Kimono and the Monroe Kimono. They both are over-sized and pair quite well with jeans, LulaRoe Leggings, one of the Julia Dresses or can be worn as a swimsuit cover up! Be creative! The Kimono is traditional Japanese garment and means "thing to wear" in Japanese.  The Lularoe Kimono has several prints and colors that change week to week and month to month. What one consultant may carry, another will not. They are so tasteful when layered with the right colors and accessories. Go ahead and click below on the two types that we carry. If you see one you like, let us know. We love to help our loyal customers when trying to find the right LulaRoe Kimono to go with their outfit. Again, LulaRoe outdid themselves with this style. I think it going to be around for a while judging from the popularity of these first two to come out. Happy shopping! 

For a personalized shopping experience, we offer skype or video chat by appointment only basis. This way you can shop our entire LulaRoe inventory and have personalized styling of your individual outfit choices before shipping. Thanks again for shopping. We really appreciate your business!  Take a look around the whole website to familiarize yourself with all the LulaRoe Styles.