The Lularoe Skirts come in many styles and patterns.  Long or short or in between. The fabrics are designed for comfort and ease and travel and sure to please. They currently come in four types of fabric- lace, chiffon, slinky and flat knit. There is the Azure Skirt, Cassie Skirt, Jill Skirt, Lola Skirt, Lucy Skirt, Madison Skirt and the LulaRoe Maxi Skirt. All LulaRoe skirts  come in many different patterns and change continuously. You know that you ladies have to have several different styles of skirts in your wardrobe for the different occasions throughout the week. As you well know, LulaRoe Skirts can be worn with anything and to nearly any function. We at Lucky Fashionistas would love to help and guide you with several tips for selecting particular styles to match your body types and occasion. We can help assist in choosing the skirt that is best to compliment your body. So, if there is one that fits your fancy, please don't hesitate to order it. These skirts are very popular among our loyal LulaRoe followers.